A Special Week?

Many people say that this week is an important one for Bayern, a special one, maybe even the week of the season. I wholeheartedly disagree.

Read the reasons why after the jump:

– The match against Inter is just the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. Unless Bayern gets completely manhandled and loses the match by 3 or 4 goals, no decision is made. There is still the second leg in Munich in three weeks, call that an important match and I agree. And even if they lose and get eliminated, it’s not such a big deal as some people think it is. Sure, the FCB would’ve missed the quarterfinal, the round this team usually wants to be a part of. But is a loss against the reigning champion that much of a disgrace? Which leads me to the next point…

– This is by no means possible revenge for the lost CL final. A Champions League final is the biggest match for any club. Winning the Champions League will be remembered forever. Eliminating another great club in the round of 16? Unless it leads to the title it’s not even comparable. The only reason why fans still remember the wins against Man United and Real Madrid in 2001 is because, in the end, it led to the title. A loss against Valencia in the final and nobody cares about the “revenge” for the ’99 final and the ’00 semifinal.

– The Dortmund match is not a fight for the league title. If you still believe in winning the title this year, you either can consider yourself an incurable optimist or don’t know that there are no playoffs after the regular season.

– Not only that, it’s the most UNIMPORTANT Bundesliga match of the next weeks. Have a look at the following opponents: Hannover, Hamburg, Freiburg, Gladbach, Nuremberg, Leverkusen. Aside from Gladbach (who are dangerous because they’re fighting against relegation), those are all immediate competitors for the Champions League/Europa League qualification spots. Winning those games is surely more important than winning one against a team that’s been preparing the victory celebration for weeks (yes, Dortmund, despite your denials we all know that you want and expect to win the title).

– Talking about revenge here is utter bullsh*t. Does a team really have to take revenge for every single defeat they had to suffer in the first half of the season and even more so if the other team went on and has been dominating the entire league? (If you now want to criticize me for using the word ‘revenge’ in my Mainz recap, go ahead.)

– Bayern v Dortmund is not a real derby. It was one 10-15 years ago but ever since that famous ’01 match (3 red cards, 12 yellow cards) it hasn’t been the same, not to mention that Dortmund’s financial collapse that made the team a mediocre one for years didn’t help, those matches were simply too one-sided too often. The only thing that makes it somewhat special is that this is the match between the two teams with the most fans throughout Germany.

So, as you can see, while I want the team to win both games, I by no means think that this is a remarkably important week for Bayern.

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