Bundesliga Week 24 Preview: Bayern v Dortmund

The reigning German champion meets the upcoming German champion in Munich’s Allianz Arena for a battle the football world has been waiting for.

What else can be said about this matchup? The two most popular German teams, the two teams with the highest average attendance in the league, the last two German Champions League winners…I could go on for hours but I’m sure you’re gonna hear a lot of stuff like that on gameday.

So what does the situation look like? Dortmund has dominated the Bundesliga this year (something that, despite Bayern’s high number of titles, doesn’t happen as often as you might guess) and will win ‘die Meisterschale’ unless a MAJOR collapse happens. But there’s no reason to believe in that. The first loss after a long time didn’t make them insecure, the injury of one of their most important players (Kagawa) was compensated easily and the thought of winning the title hasn’t been a problem yet either (that’s how you do it, Leverkusen).

Bayern, as you all know, just won an up-tempo match in San Siro against Inter. Since the debacle of Cologne this team looks more confident. That game was a great wake-up call, now they know that a one-goal lead isn’t enough. With the DFB Cup semifinal and matches against direct opponents coming up, this is in fact the least important match of the next weeks (See: A Special Week? ). Still, it’s one Bayern wants to win.

Possible Lineups (with Pranjic/Kuba fit)

To the lineups: Both teams use the same formation, the popular 4-2-3-1. Danijel Pranjic is still doubtful, if he doesn’t play it’ll be either Breno or Andreas Ottl who replaces him. Whether Holger Badstuber or Luiz Gustavo would play left-back, I have no clue. Badstuber, in my opinion, is not a good left-back. He can shut down the wing but, as mentioned in the Inter recap, hardly ever moves forward to support Franck Ribery, so he acts more like a third center back. On the other hand, Luiz Gustavo just did an outstanding job in midfield so van Gaal may be reluctant to move him to a different position again.

Dortmund may or may not play with Jakub Blaszczykowski, commonly known as Kuba because of…well, unless you’re Polish, you can guess why. He, just like Pranjic, is still doubtful. His fellow countryman Robert Lewandowski would replace him if Kuba is not fit. Definitely out for the game is goalkeeper Roman Weidenfeller which means that Australian Mitchell Langerak will play his first Bundesliga match. Back to the lineup is former Bayern player Mats Hummels. I’m sure he’ll do his best to make Hoeneß and Rummenigge regret that transfer (once again).

One last thing: no matter where you live, with this match being broadcasted live in almost 200 countries you’ll definitely have the opportunity to watch it on TV. A sad day for internet streams.

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2 Responses to Bundesliga Week 24 Preview: Bayern v Dortmund

  1. Anne says:

    Just one point – in that itty bitty country some call the US of A, it will not in fact be aired live on TV. GolTV has it on tape delay. Because GolTV is stupid. So I will in fact be watching on an internet stream. Not that this is different than usual, but it’s the PRINCIPLE of the thing.

    Regardless, should be an absolute corker. I’m excited!

    • redrobbery says:

      That’s terrible, I can’t believe that they show a Colombian match instead (at least that’s what the internet told me they would broadcast). I hope you’ll still enjoy it, though.

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