Should I Stay Or Should I Go

Every day there’s another player being linked with a move to Bayern. Some of these rumors are true, others are false, the majority is a complete fabrication and disappears after a day or two. With so much to talk about it’s no surprise that many people forget about another important question: What happens to the current squad? Will the player who hardly played a match this season have to look for a new club? I’ll try to answer that question for the entire team.



Hans-Jörg Butt: Anything but announcing the end of his career would be a surprise. With a job in Bayern’s youth system being promised, there’s no reason for him to spend another season as backup of Manuel Neuer Bayern’s #1.

Thomas Kraft: He already said he’s gonna leave if the club signs Neuer a new keeper. His often superb performances should be enough to guarantee him offers from successful teams so a Rensing-like odyssey seems unlikely. Or he stays and nothing changes, nothing is officially confirmed after all…

Rouven Sattelmaier: When he was signed last summer, many people predicted that he’s gonna be Butt’s backup sooner or later because he is better than Kraft. It’s safe to say that those people were wrong. To be fair: a nagging injury kept him out for months. I’m sure he’s not gonna leave after such an unlucky year. This off-season will be the huge chance for him to prove Heynckes the new coach that he’s capable of being a Bundesliga backup.



Holger Badstuber: Here’s a local, young German international with World Cup experience and still only 22 years old. Despite his recent slump, he’ll stay for at least another year.

Breno: On the first day, Breno wanted to leave. On the second day, Breno was glad to be a part of this club. On the third day, Breno was suspended for an unnecessary red card. Who knows what he wants, I’m not sure if even he does at the moment. I guess a lot depends on how many new defenders there’ll be next season. For now, I suggest you to ask the Magic Eight Ball.

Diego Contento: A talented player who only needed a bit time to get used to the speed of professional football or an overrated temporary solution? A question Bayern fans can discuss for hours. At the moment it looks like the latter is the case. The only “real” left-back on the team currently practices with the second team, not with the non-internationals of the first squad. As soon as there’s a new left-back (or right-back so that Lahm plays left-back), he’ll be gone unless he’s happy playing for Bayern II (unfortunately soon) in the fourth-tier Regionalliga Süd.

Philipp Lahm: No need to analyze his situation, Lahm will stay.

Daniel van Buyten: Does the Belgian giant want to spend another year not knowing how often he’s gonna play? This could be his last chance to sign another big contract with a good team where he can play more regularly. Like Breno, I think his future depends on the number of new defenders signed.



Hamit Altintop: I’d be surprised if he doesn’t leave. His performances just haven’t been good enough this year. Not to mention that Mehmet Ekici is probably gonna return.

Toni Kroos: Considering that, in his so far most successful season (09/10), it was Jupp Heynckes who was his coach, I fully expect Kroos to stay. If his playing time is limited next season, something will happen. But not now.

Luiz Gustavo: Do I really need to write anything here? Yes? Okay. He’ll stay.

Andreas Ottl: Another player who won’t be forced to leave, Ottl is a valuable central midfield backup (and a local player, always an advantage due to the regulations). But he knows that he’s not gonna play often. Will he decide to move on and join a club where he plays regularly? It’s definitely possible.

Danijel Pranjic: A valuable, versatile player. Pranjic can play left-back and pretty much every midfield position. Again depending on the new signings, there’s a chance he could leave if it’s obvious that he’s not needed anymore. But I hope that’s not gonna be the case, also for personal reasons (it’s time to admit, Pranjic and Tymoshchuk are my favorite current Bayern players).

Franck Ribery: The Europa League sucks, part one. But is that enough to leave the club that supported him during a very rough trot? I highly doubt it.

Arjen Robben: The Europa League sucks, part two. While not as emotionally attached to the club as Ribery, I don’t think Robben will leave either. Arjen, you don’t have to celebrate an Europa League win, it’s enough to dominate the opponent for 90 minutes.

Bastian Schweinsteiger: Was he sad when he heard that van Gaal will leave? Of course he was, the Dutchman turned him into a world-class central midfielder. But that doesn’t mean he’s gonna leave. And let’s not forget that he just signed a huge contract.

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk: His situation is comparable with Daniel van Buyten’s. This could be his final chance to sign another nice contract and with the competition in central midfield and soon center back, he can’t be sure of regular appearances.



Mario Gomez: Well…no. He can’t leave before all Bayern fans got used to his haircut and that’s apparently gonna take some time.

Miroslav Klose: Klose will be gone after the season. A player of his calibre shouldn’t spend the last years of his career on the bench and Klose knows that this is exactly what his upcoming Bayern career would look like. Because we still haven’t found a legal way to sell him to the German national team, he’s gonna join a different club. Could be a decent Bundesliga team that pays well, could be a team abroad or it could be Kaiserslautern (granted, only if they avoid relegation), the club he still has feelings for.

Thomas Müller: If you can think of a single reason why he should leave, tell me. I can’t.

Ivica Olic: After missing pretty much the entire season due to a cartilage damage, he’ll be eager to prove everybody that the previous season (09/10) wasn’t just a fluke. He was the second-best goalscorer of that CL season after all, only beaten by Lionel Messi…ever heard of that guy? Bayern should sign him (old, cheap joke, I know).


Let’s not forget the coaches. You all know that Louis van Gaal will leave. You should all know that Hermann Gerland will never leave Bayern. And while it’s not officially confirmed, it’s very likely that assistant coach Andries Jonker and goalkeeping coach Frans Hoek are gonna leave the club. The assistant coach of Heynckes the new coach could be either his current assistant Peter Hermann or Ottmar Hitzfeld’s former (legendary?) assistant coach, Michael Henke. My suggestion for a new goalkeeping coach: Bernd Dreher. He knows the club well, spent the majority of his playing career in Munich, and currently is the coach of a guy named Manuel Neuer. Would you want to seperate them?

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3 Responses to Should I Stay Or Should I Go

  1. Tom says:

    Due to my location, I’ve only seen about a third or so of FCB’s matches this season; but in those games I’ve seen with Pranjic at left back, he’s seemed overmatched and a bit lost when defending. Am I missing something? Although I admit he may just be appearing worse due to the overall poor play of the defense.

    • redrobbery says:

      The problem is that Pranjic isn’t a real left-back, that’s why he often struggles defensively. But he contributes more to the offense than Contento or Badstuber do and isn’t that much worse defensively (Badstuber is way too slow for that position). Pranjic is the only left-back who really supports Ribery.

      • Tom says:

        I don’t question his offensive capabilities. In fact, I love the dual threat of Pranjic and Lahm making their runs in support on either side. He just makes me nervous when he’s back defending!

        Totally agree with regards to Badstuber’s speed. I constantly find myself leaning forward in my seat urging him to go faster when he’s running on the pitch. Almost painful to watch him run.

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