Bundesliga Week 28 Preview: Bayern v Gladbach

Champions or Europa League, that is the question for Bayern. Saturday’s opponent, Borussia Mönchengladbach, would love to have those problems: their fight against relegation looks more and more like a loss for the five-time German champion and giant of the 70s. Will Bayern be the nail in their coffin?

If you were on vacation during the international break, you didn’t miss much. Tons of (mostly ridiculous) rumors and an injury that will keep Daniel van Buyten out for the next two weeks. The situation for Bayern is still the same: Win as many games as possible. With Hannover playing in Dortmund this weekend, a win could be even more valuable.

As usual, the opponent needs a win, too. Gladbach currently is 5 points behind St. Pauli (16th) so you can guess how important three points would be. Lucien Favre at first seemed to be the right choice but a mix of players being too stupid and unlucky means that they’re still anything but safe. In fact, their situation hardly improved at all.

Possible Starting Lineups

Now to the lineups: As mentioned above, van Buyten won’t be available. Breno on the other hand is no longer suspended and could start (but something makes me think that he won’t). Arjen Robben is fit, so are Danijel Pranjic and Mario Gomez whose minor injuries from friendly matches with their national teams raised concerns. That leads us to the usual questions: Who are the starting center backs? My guess: Anatoliy Tymoshchuk and Holger Badstuber.  Gladbach’s lineup most likely will be the same as in their last game, a 0-1 loss against Kaiserslautern.

If you’re looking for any specific player you can watch closely, how about Dante and Marco Reus? Rumors have linked those two with Bayern, judge if they’d be good enough.

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2 Responses to Bundesliga Week 28 Preview: Bayern v Gladbach

  1. C. Antonius says:

    From all I hear, Favre might play Hanke instead of Idrissou. I heard about the Dante rumour, too, but find it pretty ridiculous. Reus is hotly linked to Dortmund, first time I hear about anything connecting him to Bayern…

    • redrobbery says:

      Both rumors are minor (and weak) ones, especially the Reus one seems like the simple “talented offensive player + relegation possible = Bayern” equation. People still should pay attention to them as they’re probably the most talented Gladbach players.

      Hanke? We’ll see, it’s not impossible (and probably not that much of a difference quality-wise). Jantschke is still doubtful as well. Levels would replace him, I guess.

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