Bundesliga Week 31 Recap: Frankfurt v Bayern 1-1

Call me smart because I use the same format as I did for the preview, call me lazy because I take the shortcut, call me mean because I put the same effort into this as the team put into the match (OK that’s a bit harsh). Whatever you call me, it won’t change the fact that this result was barely enough for both teams to keep body and soul together. Here’s the recap of the fourth from last FCB match of the season (promised!).

  • As expected, Andries Jonker didn’t change the lineup. Christoph Daum’s small surprise was to let Clark play (instead of Vasoski)
  • Bayern started well and Frankfurt was aware of the fact that only three points really help so the first 25 minutes were quite entertaining but some decent scoring chances weren’t converted
  • Especially Thomas Müller did a great job, he often successfully ran past two defenders
  • The team then stopped playing well but the hosts weren’t dangerous enough to take advantage of that
  • The second half started with a Gomez shot that Ralf Fährmann stopped, I still think that Gomez should’ve gone for less power and more accuracy there but hindsight is 20/20
  • Like in the first half, Bayern looked weaker and weaker as the match went on
  • Frankfurt’s young defender Sebastian Rode then scored the first goal resulting from a free kick
  • An almost lackluster FCB was incredibly lucky when Theofanis Gekas somehow managed to not seal the deal despite having only the empty net in front of him
  • Referee Jochen Drees (poor performance) then missed an obvious handball and denied Bayern the consequential penalty
  • Minutes later, Luiz Gustavo was fouled and this time Drees reacted: Mario Gomez converted the late penalty to equalize
  • Gomez almost scored another goal seconds later but lost control of the ball after running past a defender and the keeper
  • A deserved tie, both teams had ups and downs and have to feel more like losers than winners since Bayern (again) lost the third place and Frankfurt is another two points closer to the relegation spot

Goals: 1-0 Rode (54′), 1-1 Gomez (89′)


Eintracht Frankfurt: Caio (Fenin, 90′)

FC Bayern: Toni Kroos (Tymoshchuk, 69′)

Other Bundesliga matches:

Freiburg v Hannover 1-3 (Rosenthal; Abdellaoue, Schlaudraff, Rausch)

St. Pauli v Bremen 1-3 (Bartels; Thorandt OG, Pizarro x2)

Stuttgart v Hamburg 3-0 (Cacau x2, Gentner)

Leverkusen v Hoffenheim 2-1 (Kadlec, Vidal; Sigurdsson)

Schalke v Kaiserslautern 0-1 (Lakic)

Gladbach v Dortmund 1-0 (Idrissou)

Wolfsburg v Cologne 4-1 (Mandzukic x2, Dejagah x2; Freis)

Nürnberg v Mainz 0-0

Next match: Saturday v Schalke (Bundesliga), 6.30 pm local time

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