Ten Years Ago Today…

…Bayern won the Bundesliga title thanks to Patrik Andersson’s late, heroic shot that somehow found the net despite this human wall in front of it:

Some people still say that it was all “Bayern luck”, that it was an undeserved title, that Schalke should’ve won instead.

Was it “Bayern luck”? Some say yes because they scored the deciding goal in the 94th minute and the free kick shouldn’t have been one. What they seem to forget is that Hamburg’s only goal was scored in the 90th minute. Had Bayern scored the deciding goal at that moment, I’m sure those people would say such a late goal is luck, yet it’s apparently a normal thing if it’s a goal against. And I have yet to hear one impartial person (= neither a Schalke fan nor a passionate Bayern hater) say that it wasn’t a back-pass. Tomas Ujfalusi wanted to pass the ball to the keeper, nothing else, and Mathias Schober was, frankly said, stupid enough to use his hands instead of aiming for row Z with his foot.

Was it an undeserved title? Since saying that one team played better football than the other is nothing but an opinion, let’s look at a fact: Bayern was 1st 16 times that season while Schalke led the league ‘only’ 9 times. One might complain that Schalke was the league leader from week 29 to 32 but does anyone call Dortmund’s 2002 team an undeserved champion because Leverkusen was 5 points ahead with just 3 matches to be played?

Should Schalke have won instead? That’s highly subjective. But they can only blame themselves. Nobody told them to play for a goalless draw (it was painful, almost disgusting to watch) against a movivated, relegation-threatened Stuttgart. A win there and Schalke would’ve won the title a week later. They didn’t because of that.

If you wanna revive that moment (and I’m sure you want), you have to read this brilliantly written Bundesliga Fanatic article and, of course, watch this:

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1 Response to Ten Years Ago Today…

  1. Made says:

    And what they (Schalke-Fans mostly) forget to mention ist that Carsten Jancker scored a goal earlier in that game against Hamburg which was (falsely) disallowed.

    So no it wasn’t undeserved. Although it was the title with the fewest points (63 points, for comparison they have 65 points this year for third place). So any team could “easily” have scored more. But they didn’t.

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