[updated] Champions League Qualification Update

The last matches of the French Ligue 1, the last active league significant to Bayern’s short but bumpy road to the Champions League, are over so we now know who Bayern might and might not end up playing against.

I’m not gonna explain the format again, check THIS PIECE for that. Here’s a list of all clubs participating in the so called Champions path, sorted by coefficient. Teams in bold are already qualified for the 4th round, teams in italic are seeded in the 3rd round. You can guess what it means if a team name is bold and italic.

  • FC Bayern (118.887)
  • Arsenal (108.157)
  • Olympique Lyonnais (92.735)
  • Benfica (81.319)
  • Villarreal (75.465)
  • Dynamo Kyiv (60.776)
  • Panathinaikos (57.833)
  • FC Twente (41.025)
  • Standard Liege (32.400)
  • Rubin Kazan (31.941)
  • Udinese (27.110)
  • FC Zürich (18.980)
  • Odense BK (18.610)
  • Trabzonspor (12.010)
  • FC Timisoara (10.664) FC Vaslui (10.164)

What does that mean? No matter what happens, Bayern will not have to play against Arsenal, Lyon, Villarreal or Benfica (if they survive the 3rd round). The other teams are all possible opponents, depending on the results of the 3rd round. You can use this as a cross-off list. In the end (before the final round has begun), there’ll be ten teams left, the five in bold and five others. The five highest of the list will be the seeded teams.

Since four teams are already definitely seeded in the 4th round, the only question is which of the clubs coming through the 3rd round has the highest coefficient. The other four and Udinese are potential opponents of Bayern.

UPDATE: As you can read HERE, Timisoara won’t be a part of the Champions League qualification as they will be relegated due to financial problems. Third-placed FC Vaslui will be the replacement. What does that change? Apart from a team name, nothing. Vaslui’s coefficient is slightly lower than Timisoara’s who already would’ve been the team with the lowest number in the non-champions section.

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