Player Of The Season

I promised you more polls and here you are. After you voted for the Disappointment Of The Season (unsurpringly it was a landslide victory for Breno), I now wanna find out: who, in your opinion, was Bayern’s best player of the 2010/11 campaign? It probably will be even more obvious than the first poll but who knows…

Mario Gomez –

That’s all.

Thomas Müller – While his first full season as a professional was brilliant, one couldn’t be sure whether he’s really that great or it’s just a fluke. This season was his personal exclamation mark: Müller was the 2nd best scorer of the Bundesliga season with 12 goals and 11 assists. If he continues to constantly perform on such a high level, and I’d be surprised if he doesn’t, he’ll one day be a FCB legend. Not only because of his success but also because he embodies the club off the pitch.

Arjen Robben – Opponents should be thankful for that injury. 12 goals and 8 assists in only 14 apparances for Rockin’ Robben. Telling you how valuable he is would be a waste of time. I’m looking forward to (hopefully) 34 Bundesliga matches of football rampage next season. Germany, take cover!

Luiz Gustavo – Defensive-minded players often have the problem that everybody notices their mistakes but never the good things. Since he joined Bayern during the winter break, I can only remember one subpar performance by the allrounder (the first half in Freiburg), aside from that he arguably was the best defender of the team. And all that while playing as center back most of the time. Say what you want, the Brazilian has done a great job so far.

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk – Not a flashy player by any means (except his hair, some might say), Tymo was one of Bayern’s more reliable defensive players of the season. After playing only a handful of matches last season, he was a part of the starting lineups 23 times this year. That’s quite an improvement if you ask me. Unforgotten (at least for me) is his brilliant performance in Freiburg where he entered the pitch as a substitute late in the game and immediately took over control. With an almost Effenberg-like performance he made sure that the team went home with 3 valuable points.

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