Transfer Update

During the summer break, there’s nothing that’s more interesting than transfer rumors. This summer, as every year, already featured many rumors regarding Bayern. Done deals, failed negotiations, infinitely stupid and absurd figments called speculative articles – we’ve had it all. Here I take a look at the very recent past, present and near future of the transfer activities of this club.  Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to hear of this stuff as it happens.

Manuel Neuer – If you haven’t heard anything about this already, please show me the rock you live under. It’s difficult to tell you when exactly the first talks between Hoeneß and Neuer started, although it’s safe to say that it’s been some years since that. To keep it short, the saga ended a couple of weeks ago when it became official that Neuer will join Bayern for the upcoming season. Schalke received a transfer fee of €18m and will receive a further €3m in case of FCB winning the league title (respectively €4m if the huge Champions League trophy stays in Munich for a year).

Nils Petersen – Compared to the Neuer deal, this was a breeze. Still, almost the entire Bundesliga wanted to sign the Energie Cottbus striker because of the release clause in his contract. In the end it was a race between north and south, FCB and HSV. Bayern won the race and signed the young German for €2.8m.

Takashi Usami – As of now the latest signing (that won’t last long though, as you’ll find out in a bit). Usami is a young winger playing for Gamba Osaka (J-League) and often regarded as Asia’s biggest talent. The deal is an unusual one for this club and looks like this: He’ll join the club for a year on loan in mid-July, trying to convince Heynckes that he’s good enough for European top football. If Bayern wants to keep Usami, a set fee (allegedly €1.5m but that might already include the fee for the loan) has to be paid to Gamba. A smart deal, a win-win situation.

Jerome Boateng – What if a club wants a player, the player wants to join the club and the even the other club isn’t averse to letting him go but, despite not having any financial problems, almost has to ask for a very high fee to improve the own situation in regards to the Financial Fair Play? Exactly that’s happening here. Boateng announced publicly that he’s willed to sign a 4-year contract in Munich but City asks for too much, apparently something around €20m, while Bayern doesn’t want to give more than what was paid for Boateng a year ago (which is about €13m). It’s impossible to predict the result of these negotiations. If the result is a negative one, Nerlinger will try to sign a different center back (whoever that might be, the media name dropping included Alex, Lovren, Milito and tons of other CBs).

Rafinha – Over the last years there were countless rumors, from B like Leighton Baines (didn’t want to leave Everton) to V like Gregory van der Wiel (Bayern lost interest). A bit less than two years ago, it was all but official: Rafinha leaves Schalke for Bayern. In the end it never happened because of Louis van Gaal saying no. This time, with the club still looking for a new full-back, there was no van Gaal around. Some criticize that this solution is another prove for the lack of thinking outside the box but it’s highly unlikely that another player of his quality was available for the low price of €5.5m (Genoa allowed a discount because Bayern gave them Luca Toni for free last year).

Dale Jennings – I could keep it short and say that this will be a done deal very soon. But that’s a tad too short. Many Premier League clubs wanted the young Englishman, he (together with his current manager Les Parry) decided to go abroad and join Bayern despite West Ham offering more money. Soon it’ll be official, about €600k will go to Birkenhead immediately and another 1 million or so will be added to that as soon as Jennings played a certain number of matches for the BL team. Read more about Dale Jennings here.

Arturo Vidal –A hybrid between Neuer and Boateng, Vidal said he wants to play for Bayern and his contract is set to expire next year. That’s why the offer isn’t as big as Leverkusen would like it to be (apparently €10m, Bayer wants something closer to €20m).

UEFA Champions League

Both clubs can’t be blamed – As said, there’s no reason why Bayern should overpay when the player is keen to join the club and could do so for free next year. Leverkusen on the other hand will play Champions League football and Vidal is a very important if not currently irreplaceable part of their squad. Since the Champions League is like a broken slot machine that gives you three 7’s every time you insert a coin, it might actually be smarter to keep him for another year to be more successful and let him go for free. Bayern’s chances to sign him are probably the highest if he doesn’t leave Leverkusen this summer.

Of course there are other stories out there but most of those are nonsense speculation. Still, feel free to use the comments if you can think of any half-credible rumor, I’ll definitely answer.

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