Breno About To Return To Brazil?

That’s what globoesporte reports. They say that both Internacional and Sao Paulo are very interested, the club from Porto Alegre allegedly is in talks with Bayern (Breno already said yes) while SPFC, his former club, (again allegedly) already submitted a €2m offer. In this case, Bayern would keep 50% of the rights and profit from eventual future deals involving the center back.

Whether any of this is true and what this would mean in regards to the center back situation in Munich can’t be said yet. It might mean that the club knows that Arturo Vidal will be signed very soon and would rather use Luiz Gustavo as a center back than wasting his talents on the bench, it might mean that they still want to sign Alex but that’s all speculation at this point.

You can find the articles here:

Sao Paulo

If you speak Portuguese and can add further information, please use the comments to let us know.

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4 Responses to Breno About To Return To Brazil?

  1. Karim Hanna says:

    I hope this deal goes through so I can stop being frustrated by Breno’s off and on performances and off the field whining. No way we pick up Alex if we get rid of Breno. We have spent a ridiculous amount of money this offseason. I’m pulling for Vidal to join Bayern. I believe that would increase our overall team strength.

    • Taggerd says:

      Really don’t think there have been many ‘on’ performances in recent years so if he desperately wants to leave (understandably too), it’s time to cut our losses. Personally I love the idea of Alex signing regardless but I doubt it will happen now. Likewise, I don’t think Völler wants to lose face by selling Vidal within Germany after all but, as Honigstein has pointed out in his recent SI column, the case for bringing him in is arguably even bigger now (no ball winners down the middle). I think Bayern will be tempted again to pay silly money..

  2. Thanks for the report. The press in Brazil says that the offering from São Paulo is official, while the bid from International it’s just speculation, by this I mean, maybe it’s true, maybe it’s not, International is interested because they lost one of their backs this season for an illness (Rodrigo) and they’re don’t want to put Juan, one of the youngest players on their roster to play as a starter, they’re afraid of getting the boy in the cross fire.

    São Paulo has a small advantage as Breno already played there, the fans really likes and respect him (which means that he might have a chance to make a turn in his carreer and return to the good technical level he was in the past, the fans would allow him to make some mistakes without getting too much pressure) and he likes the club, as one of the best structured teams in south america, but apparently, the guys behind international has more powder ($$) to put in the business…

    I’m brazilian by the way, not into the sport business but fell free to contact me in case you guys wants to know what has being said / published around here, I would be glad to help out.


  3. Rainer P. G. says:

    Brazilian guy here o/

    I read the (big) article about breno and as we were talking about in the Brazilian Bayern Comunity: globoesporte isn´t a really good source and it´s not really reliable. Usually they get internacional news from other sites. But this one (as i consider) it´s a true one. Everyone knows that Breno is crazy to get his ass back to São Paulo. And i think that São Paulo really made the offer.

    As the report says: 2 mi euros for 50% for breno isn´t a really bad offer. especially if the player never made a good game and always made his desire to leave clear (as we usually get from the breno´s twitter)

    Speaking about his twitter… after Van Gaal was fired the brazilian centre back stopped to complain too much…

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