Breno’s Transfer Request Rejected

Two days ago, globoesporte broke the news that Breno wants to join a Brazilian club (apparently either Internacional or Sao Paulo, read more HERE). Today he tweeted the following:


“I’ve just received the news, and am sharing with you now, that Bayern won’t let me go.”

This confirms that he wants to leave the club, that he asked for a transfer but the club won’t let him go. Whether it’s because they wanna give him one last chance or the offers simply weren’t good enough can only be speculated at the moment.

Personally, I think it’s a bit of both. The offers probably weren’t good enough to make a deal interesting so it was decided that the upcoming is either his breakthrough or last season in Munich. Was it a smart move? We’ll know in a year but there’s always the risk of Breno becoming terribly unmotivated, he wouldn’t be the first person who, after having a transfer request rejected, turns into a locker room cancer. As I just said, we’ll see…

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3 Responses to Breno’s Transfer Request Rejected

  1. Rainer P. G. says:

    Full translation of breno tweet:
    “guys i just got the news and i´m passing to you that bayern will not release me”
    +or- that

    I think that it´s more a “the offers weren´t good enough, than a “i want to leave and the bastards wont le me go” XD

  2. Alansari says:

    Bayern don’t work that way, they do what they say and say what they do: management + coach said that they are relying on Breno for the upcoming season and Heynckes is keen on giving him a chance. Given this stance, Bayern aren’t the type that will change their mind because of 1 or 2 million under their valuation. If indeed an offer was presented and rejected, I think it is very clear that it was rejected because of a responsible sporting decision to keep the player, not a low offer.

  3. Monica says:

    q is ‘que’, o is the masculine title!
    Out of twittercontext, it would read “…estou repassando a voces que o Bayern nao vai me liberar.” In English, “…I’m relaying the news to you that Bayern will not let me go.”

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