Bayern Looking For Another Striker

Just a few days ago, Christian Nerlinger said that there won’t be any more signings. Whether he lied (not that I’d blame him, those statements can reduce fees a bit and help to get rid of the media for a few days) or Ivica Olic’s injury, he’s most likely gonna miss the next two months, changed their minds, I don’t know. What we do know is that Bayern is looking for a replacement, another striker. Let the speculations begin.

Said Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: “We only have three strikers, that worries us. We trust in Ivica coming back but will consider whether we react.”

A pretty obvious statement that they’re looking for a forward. Only condition: no CL matches this season, he’d be needed there (if Bayern qualifies).

So, who are candidates? Many probably immediately think of Carlos Tevez who’d be what’s needed but let’s be honest, he’d be far too expensive. My first realistic thought was Park Chu-Young who has been linked with many clubs this summer (Schalke and Lille in particular) but has yet to sign a contract. Another player that came to mind is Didier Ya Konan who is struggling to become a regular in Hannover due to Abdellaoue and Schlaudraff performing brilliantly so far. There’s one problem, though: he played against Sevilla and I’m not sure if Europa League matches make a player unavailable for Champions League football. UPDATE: He could not play before the round of 16.

Aside from them, it’s almost impossible to name players as we don’t know what they’re looking for and where they’re looking. My wild card: Modibo Maiga who scored 15 goals for Sochaux last season and can play almost every offensive position. But will Nerlinger, Rummenigge, Heynckes and Hoeneß even discuss players outside of Germany?


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4 Responses to Bayern Looking For Another Striker

  1. Sébastien says:

    Hmm, I’ve heard about Park Chu-Young, he plays for Monaco, right?
    He did play very good last season but I don’t know how if he’s good enough for us.
    I don’t think that Hannover lets Ya Konan go, he could leave till June (or July) 30th but he didn’t.
    I haven’t heard about Modibo Maiga yet. He seems to be a good player but if I could buy anybody from Sochaux, it’d be Marvin Martin. He’s no striker but far better than Kroos and can replace Schweinsteiger as well.
    I don’t have any candidate. I would love to see a back-up for Robbery! I want Hazard, Shaqiri and Martin. 😉

  2. Marc says:

    Heaven forbid Müller moves up to a striker.

  3. I’d love it if we got Ya Konan. He’s an absolute beast

  4. ladybayred says:

    Surely vedad ibisvec of hoffenheim would be a good back up option? Maybe a tad expensive if the £6 million reputed fee from blackburn is to be believed.

    Another option maybe a youngster coming in on loan. David N’Gog from Liverpool could do a job and has a lot to prove.

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