Bundesliga Week 5 Recap: Bayern v Freiburg 7-0


I’m still somewhat busy (will be ‘back’ in 1-2 days) so, instead of writing a recap of this entertaining match, I’ll give you a quote from my preview and a link to an outstanding recap.

In my preview I wrote this:

“…this would be a good situation to give Nils Petersen a chance because, with all due respect, Freiburg’s defense is one of the worst Bayern will have to face this year.”

I don’t like to say this, football is unpredictable after all, but this time I told you so.

If you want to read an excellent recap, this is all you need:

Defensive Midfielder

Goals: 1-0 Gomez (8′), 2-0 Ribery (26′), 3-0 Ribery (41′), 4-0 Gomez (52′), 5-0 Gomez (55′), 6-0 Gomez (71′), 7-0 Petersen (90′)


FC Bayern: Diego Contento (Lahm, 63′), David Alaba (Ribery, 72′), Nils Petersen (Gomez, 73′)

SC Freiburg: Mensur Mujdza (Nicu, 46′), Garra Dembele (Jendrisek, 46′), Yacine Abdessadki (Makiadi, 84′)

Other Bundesliga matches:

Augsburg v Leverkusen 1-4 (Hosogai; Sam x2, Kießling, Derdiyok)

Dortmund v Hertha 1-2 (Lewandowski; Raffael, Niemeyer)

Mainz v Hoffenheim 0-4 (Firmino, Babel x2, Noveski OG)

Stuttgart v Hannover 3-0 (Okazaki, Kuzmanovic, Tasci)

Gladbach v Kaiserslautern 1-0 (Arango)

Bremen v Hamburg 2-0 (Pizarro x2)

Köln v Nürnberg 1-2 (Chihi; Simons x2)

Wolfsburg v Schalke 2-1 (Mandzukic x2; Raul)

Next match: Wednesday at Villarreal (Champions League Group A), 8.45 pm


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