Judging September

This is the first of hopefully many monthly installments. Judge the past month. Who was the player of the month? What was the match of the month? Share your thoughts and opinions, take this as an opportunity to praise/criticize whatever you can think of.

We’re starting with the individual honor. Who do you think was the best FCB player in September? Here are the five candidates, if you think someone else deserves a vote, tell me in the comments.

Holger Badstuber – After a year full of hefty criticism, the young center back is arguably the best defender of the Bundesliga season so far. The calm anchor next to…

Jerome Boateng – Many doubted this signing because his professional career mostly consisted of playing as a full-back but Boateng proved them wrong. Sometimes spectacular, sometimes risky but always energetic.

Mario Gomez – He often says “If you score, you’re a god, if you don’t, you’re just a blind man”. Looking at his scoring record so far, Gomez is ranked somewhere between Vishnu and Zeus.

Toni Kroos – The surprise of the season? That’s a bit too early to tell but Kroos certainly gained confidence under Heynckes (once again) and now proves that he’s more than just a talent.

Franck Ribery – The Frenchman was revived by Jupp Heynckes and a less strict offensive structure. A true difference maker.

Now to the match of the month. I assume that you watched all of them or at least a few, just pick the one you enjoyed the most (I’m awaiting a landslide victory here…).

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One Response to Judging September

  1. brammykidz says:

    wow, no one choose mario gomez so far

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