Breno To Be Released From Jail

Here’s the prosecution’s (translated) press release:

“Today, the Munich district court upheld the warrant against the accused Breno Borges in the course of a review of the remand but decided to release him on parole at the request of the defending lawyer.

As investigation matters stand, suppression of evidence mustn’t be assumed anymore because the evidence that’s relevant to the lawsuit is perpetuated by now. The still existing danger of absconding can be resolved through the set restrictions, in the opinion of the Munich district court and Munich prosecution office I. Among other things, the accused has to provide bail before he can be released from jail. Furthermore, the court set 11 other restrictions the accused has to comply with. The details of these restrictions won’t be made public.

The release from prison will happen once the bail is provided, it currently cannot be foreseen when that’s the case. Violating one of these restrictions is enough to re-issue this detention order and put the accused back in prison.”

I apologize for possibly wrong translations, mind that I’m not an English lawyer. Here are the reactions of Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Christian Nerlinger.

Rummenigge: “We are very happy to hear that Breno was released from remand earlier today so that he can return to his family and the club. We appreciate that [lawyer] Werner Leitner and the court treated this case with fairness and tactfulness.”

Nerlinger: “Our medical unit led by Dr. Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt will ensure that Breno’s still injured knee will be treated and cured completely so that the player can be reintegrated into regular squad training as soon as possible.”

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