Bundesliga Week 11 Preview: Bayern v Nürnberg

Rather short, coming late – not a sexual innuendo but this weekend’s preview.

I already tweeted most of this so if it’s not coherent, blame the 140-character limit.

Our next opponent is from Bavaria, kind of. They played a pretty good last season with loaned players like Ekici and Schieber and more up-and-coming guys like Wollscheid and Gündogan. One key to success was veteran Timmy Simons, the anchor of their midfield. They don’t really like our beloved FCB (who does?) and would like to avoid having to cope with relegation pressure this season. It’s been 7 weeks since they last won a BL match (2-1 in Köln).

Their top scorers are the aforementioned Simons and Wollscheid and Tomas Pekhart, their lone central forward, lured away from Sparta Praha this summer. Other pleasant surprises have been the very young Markus Mendler, the new signings Alexander Esswein and Timm Klose.

3 keepers (Raphael Schäfer, Patrick Rakovsky, Alexander Stephan) already played for them this season due to injuries, yet they didn’t sign Timo Hildebrand.

The last match against Bayern…never happened.

OK, it did happen. It was a 1-1. Müller scored an early goal for Bayern, Eigler equalized after a Thomas Kraft mishap. This was Kraft’s last match for us. But since it’s a home match for Bayern, why not mention the last one of that? A comfortable 3-0 win, even Lahm scored a goal.

What’s Nürnberg’s formation? A 4-3-3/4-1-4-1/4-2-3-1. Everybody expects coach Hecking to use the same lineup as last week, and that is:


Chandler – Wollscheid – Klose – Plattenhardt

Cohen – Simons

Mak – Hegeler – Esswein




Ribery – Kroos – Müller

Schweinsteiger – Tymoshchuk

Lahm – Badstuber – van Buyten – Rafinha


Timm Klose had to be subbed off against Stuttgart, Dominik Maroh replaced him. Maybe Klose isn’t fit enough to start, we’ll see. For Bayern, it could also be Gustavo instead of Tymoshchuk but he played 2 matches in a row, including an exhausting one in Hannover just 6 days ago. One might argue that being a center back against Ingolstadt was as resting as it gets, though.

The last three FCN-FCB matches in Nürnberg ended 1-1. Now you know what to expect in late March. The ref for tomorrow’s match is Florian Meyer. His performances, including Bayern’s win at Schalke, have been very solid so far. Enjoy the match!


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