Judging October

Another quite successful month for Bayern, although not as great as September. Again, whose performances did you enjoy the most and what match was the best? Vote now.

Let’s start with the players. Here are my 5 nominees, if you think someone else was better, make sure to leave a comment.

David Alaba – He didn’t play a lot but when he played, Alaba was good. He’d be a regular in almost every team across Europe. Almost. But his first signs were very promising.

Toni Kroos – Arjen Robben’s injury was his chance, some might even say his final chance, to prove the critics wrong. He took it and is more valuable than ever.

Franck Ribery – This month wasn’t as flashy as the last one but Ribery is still important, maybe even better than ever.

Anatoliy Tymoshchuk – His best month since he arrived in Munich? Tymoshchuk was a rock-solid midfield anchor whenever he played.

Daniel van Buyten – Exceeding all expectations. Whenever he played, he was very solid, not the slow liability we know and fear.

Last month’s winner: Franck Ribery (67%)

Now the match of the month. You know them, they’re all listed.

Last month’s winner: 2-0 v Man City (79%)

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