Bundesliga Week 13 Recap: Bayern v Dortmund 0-1

The bigger the hype, the bigger the disappointment. What was deemed to be the ‘biggest match’ in the ‘most entertaining and exciting league’ turned out to be a dull match featuring two timid teams.

As usual, I’ll start with the lineups. The guests weren’t expected to surprise anyone and they didn’t. The only worthwhile information is that left-back Marcel Schmelzer was fit enough to start. Aside from that, everything was set.

Jupp Heynckes on the other hand decided that it’s been long enough since Arjen Robben last started for Bayern. David Alaba was benched, Toni Kroos (dare I say finally?) moved to central midfield. Furthermore, Daniel van Buyten wasn’t allowed to start, a terrible thing as we know since yesterday evening (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, your mistake for not following me on Twitter, there are some interesting things being mentioned between all the stupid stuff).

How was the match? Many people love to call certain games ‘tactical affairs’. What they’re trying to say is that nobody’s willing to take any risk, that these 90 minutes are anything but entertainment.

This was a tactical affair. Very simply put, Bayern was uncertain and Dortmund destructive. No confident FCB with precise passing, off-the-ball movement and a hunger for goals and domination. No rebellious BVB with quick, accurate, unstoppable attacking. Just hosts with fear of conceding through counter-attacks and guests with fear of conceding after giving up the defensive structure for a bit to attack.

Bayern’s mistakes, aside from the aforementioned things, were a complete lack of offensive rotation and presence between the lines. Temporarily overloading a flank, having your offensive midfielders all over the pitch – things Germany did almost perfectly against the Netherlands and things Bayern did so well in the very recent past. A static offense is a weak and predictable offense.

The lack of support for Gustavo and Kroos (both did a pretty good job offensively, I’d say) was discouraging. They had to feel like they’re playing squash, again and again passing the ball against a yellow wall. Dortmund never planned to tear down said wall (why would they?) so it was Bayern’s, the offensive midfielder’s to be exact, job to smash holes in it. Vertical movement works in two directions, one was forgotten there.

What else can be said? Arjen Robben wasn’t 100% fit yet, his movement, especially his speed, was limited. Franck Ribery should’ve tried to avoid Lukasz Piszczek more often, sooner or later you just have to realize that it’s not working one on one. Thomas Müller seemed exhausted.

Ah, yeah, there was a goal. I’m still not sure how it happened. Jerome Boateng lost sight of the ball, Mario Götze didn’t. Not exactly the best moment to be unlucky (or, if you’re a critic, disorientated). This wasn’t a deserved goal, Dortmund’s offensive output was disappointing for the reigning titleholder who, according to many, represents the new, fresh way of playing football. To be honest, I don’t think that this match deserved a goal at all.

Anyway, the next match is already knocking at Munich’s door. Villarreal will visit Bavaria. In my opinion, with all due respect, it’s time to sink the injury-plagued yellow submarine once and for all (of this season). Nothing against the guys from Spain, we’d just love to see the team travel to Manchester as a relaxed bunch. A win is certainly possible but it’s time to take more risks in the opponent’s half. Otherwise I’ll have to mention Louis van Gaal again, something I’d really, really like to avoid because that horse has been beaten to death multiple times already.


  • 0-1 Götze (65′)


  • FC Bayern:
    • Ivica Olic (Müller, 72′)
    • David Alaba (Robben, 72′)
    • Nils Petersen (Rafinha, 79′)
  • Borussia Dortmund:
    • Moritz Leitner (Kehl, 79′)
    • Ivan Perisic (Kagawa, 89′)
    • Lucas Barrios (Lewandowski, 90′)

Team stats (Bayern-Dortmund):

  • Ball possession: 61% – 39%
  • Shots taken: 15 – 8
  • Passes completed (in %): 476 – 200 (84% – 72%)
  • Corner kicks: 3 – 3
  • Tackles won: 52% – 48%
  • Fouls committed: 11 – 23
  • Distance covered: 110,9 – 121,4

Leading player stats (Bayern-Dortmund):

  • Touches: Philipp Lahm (111) – Felipe Santana (66)
  • Shots taken: Franck Ribery (4) – Mario Götze (4)
  • Passes completed: Philipp Lahm (80) – Sebastian Kehl (32)
  • Crosses attempted: Ivica Olic (2) – Lukasz Piszczek (2)
  • Tackles won: Toni Kroos (13) – Santana/Lewandowski (14 each)
  • Tackles won in %: Arjen Robben (71%) – Felipe Santana (70%)
  • Distance covered: Luiz Gustavo (11,5) – Sven Bender (13,1)
  • Fastest sprint in km/h: Philipp Lahm (32,5) – Lukasz Piszczek (32,4)

Other Bundesliga matches:

  • Lautern v Leverkusen 0-2 (Ballack, Sam)
  • Schalke v Nürnberg 4-0 (Huntelaar x2, Raul, Holtby)
  • Freiburg v Hertha 2-2 (Reisinger x2; Ramos, Niemeyer)
  • Wolfsburg v Hannover 4-1 (Salihamidzic x2, Chris, Madlung; Schulz)
  • Gladbach v Bremen 5-0 (Herrmann, Reus x3, Arango)
  • Köln v Mainz – postponed
  • Stuttgart v Augsburg 2-1 (Harnik x2; Werner)
  • Hamburg v Hoffenheim 2-0 (Guerrero, Jansen)

Next match: Tuesday v Villarreal (Champions League), 8.45 pm


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One Response to Bundesliga Week 13 Recap: Bayern v Dortmund 0-1

  1. KarryFCB says:

    I was getting more than frustrated with Muller. If he had just dropped deeper to pick up the ball it would have given us more options. I still don’t understand why he didn’t (was it specific instructions from Jupp, or what?). It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned.

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