FCB v FCB: Post-draw Reactions

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge:

We’ll have to be focused throughout both matches. Our team will be motivated. They are dedicated to reach the final in Munich. So we’ll have to prove that we can beat Basel and advance. It’s obvious that we’re the favorites. If the team is focused and takes it seriously, then there’s a good chance to advance to the quarterfinals.

Jupp Heynckes:

Basel is a manageable task. But we mustn’t forget that they survived a very tough group and eliminated Manchester United. They have very talented, young players and enthusiastic fans. Furthermore it’s a team with experience.

Karl Hopfner:

We know Basel from last season. We’re warned, after all we all saw how they dealt with Manchester United. Expectations are high, we shouldn’t deny that we’re favorites. But we have to be warned. Still, if things go well and as expected, then we have pretty good chances. Coach Heiko Vogel knows our players well, for example Thomas Müller who he coached as a 15-year-old.

Philipp Lahm:

Basel is definitely a manageable task. We’re favorites. But it’s a dangerous team – you could see that twice against Manchester United. Also, when we were in Basel two years ago [it was actually one year ago], it was a very close match. I’m excited to meet old friends: coach Heiko Vogel and Marco Streller whom I played with in Stuttgart.

Franck Ribery:

Too bad that we don’t get to play against a French team. Basel is okay. They proved twice against Manchester United what they’re capable of. But we want to make it to the quarterfinals and if we give 100 percent, we’ll make it.

Thomas Müller:

I’m looking forward to meet Basel’s coach Heiko Vogel who once was my coach. I wish him lots of success – after our matches.

Arjen Robben:

Impulsively, we’re delighted at this draw. But beware of FC Basel. Manchester United already knows how dangerous that team is. But we have a lot of confidence and I hope that we can advance.


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One Response to FCB v FCB: Post-draw Reactions

  1. Anonymous says:

    these are pretty standard replies. What else are they going to say? We’ll blast them.

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