Bayern v Aspire U19 – Short Recap

One day after an exhausted first team beat Al Ahly 2-1 (Olic scored twice), it was time for the other guys to play. The ‘reserve squad’ faced an Aspire U19  and won the match 5-0.

Similar to the match against Al Sailiya, Bayern dominated from the first minute on but failed to convert chances. Since a half only lasted 30 minutes this time, the first half ended goalless.

The second half was all Takashi Usami. All five goals were scored by the Japanese, Franck Ribery’s jokes earlier today obviously helped a lot. Aside from that, there’s not too much to say. As said before, Bayern dominated throughout the entire 60 minutes against a motivated but inferior U19 selection. Because he had to leave the pitch against Al Ahly after only a few minutes, Mario Gomez started again today. He was later replaced by Emre Can, his first appearance.



Rafinha – Breno – Gustavo – Contento

Usami – Alaba – Pranjic – Ribery

Petersen – Gomez


  • 1-0 Usami (38′)
  • 2-0 Usami (41′)
  • 3-0 Usami (43′)
  • 4-0 Usami (48′)
  • 5-0 Usami (57′)

After spending one week and, according to Heynckes, having the best training camp he can think of, Bayern will now leave Doha and travel to India. On Tuesday, the same lineup as against Al Ahly will play against that country’s national team, a farewell match for Baichung Bhutia, an Indian football legend.


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