Bundesliga Week 22: Freiburg v Bayern 0-0

Note that I didn’t include the word recap in the title. We all saw what happened, nobody liked it. I’d love to tell you what went wrong but, frankly, I’m not sure at all.  I saw many subpar things that combined resulted in a mostly atrocious performance. Granted, Freiburg were really good, a lot better than anyone could’ve expected, but it’s Bayern’s aspiration that even the best of such an opponent shouldn’t be enough.

So, instead of telling things, I’m asking you. What went wrong? What was the main reason for the draw that’s a loss in disguise? Please vote, use the comments, start a discussion – anything that helps. Use your right to be heard, no opinion is wrong (unless you blame the result entirely on Arjen Robben, we’ve had enough of that bullshit over the last weeks).

I think the options cover most opinions. If that’s not the case, use the comments, you don’t have to register or anything (if your comment doesn’t appear immediately it’s because I have to approve it first). Any rational opinion is welcome.


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One Response to Bundesliga Week 22: Freiburg v Bayern 0-0

  1. Assem says:

    I think the players need a good kick in the ass to get them back on track. We’ve seen Bayern play like this all too many times over the past few years.

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