Regionalliga Week 23 Preview: Bayern v Freiburg II


Nine days ago, the Bayern reserves lost their first league match in 2012 2-3 in Großaspach, one might want to say despite being good enough to at least deserve a point against the second-placed opponent. Center back Timothy van der Meulen equalized a few minutes before the break and scored another, a converted penalty kick, with ten minutes remaining. Unfortunately, Bayern were already two goals behind at that time, and since the Dutch defender (or anyone else, for that matter) wasn’t able to score a third, Andries Jonker’s boys had to accept a loss that wouldn’t have hurt so much if it wasn’t for the highly controversial penalty the hosts were awarded in the second half, goal getter Nicolo Mazzola converted and gave his team a 2-1 lead that was extended by Sokol Kacani, the man who already scored Großaspach’s first.

Five days later, the team played a test match against RB Salzburg’s reserves and won 3-2. Bayern dominated the first half and scored thrice (Marius Duhnke, Pascal Reinhardt, Dominik Burusic) but then lost control in the second half mostly due to several changes at half time. Salzburg only managed to beat Rouven Sattelmaier twice so the bragging rights of winning the test match stayed in Germany.

Now it’s time for a match between two reserve teams. SC Freiburg II will travel to Munich, hoping to repeat the result of the first leg that was played back in September when SCF won 2-1.

Good news for Bayern are that Freiburg will have to do without three players who were a part of the starting lineup back then. Immanuel Höhn, Oliver Sorg and Jonathan Schmid, the latter even scored a goal back then, are now all active for Freiburg’s Bundesliga side. The team seem to miss them, they couldn’t win a single of their last four league matches and are currently 10th. A win for Bayern would close the gap to three points.

More good news: Emre Can will be available for Jonker, I expect him to start, and numerous former injured players (including Dale Jennings) are becoming serious options for the starting eleven again.

Predicting the lineup is never easy so I’ll use a simple formula. Expect the same formation as against Großaspach with only Cüneyt Köz and Emre Can replacing Antonio Pangallo and Daniel Steimel. It would look more or less like the following:


Dombrowka – Köz – van der Meulen – Vrzogic

Dreier – Can

Altinay – Strieder – Chessa


The match starts at 2 pm German time (for the other time zones: that’s 90 minutes earlier than today’s Bundesliga match), you can as usual follow it live on Twitter.

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