Regionalliga Week 26 Preview: Frankfurt II v Bayern


If the title confuses you, if you think that sounds awfully familiar, then you are correct. Seven days after playing at home against Frankfurt, the Bayern reserves travel to said city for the next league match. To end your confusion: the last match was against the FSV Frankfurt reserves while the upcoming opponent are the Eintracht Frankfurt reserves.

First, a look back to last weekend. Bayern were huge favorites to win against a FSV that had disappointed a lot in the weeks prior to the meeting. Unfortunately, it was the same old story. While they can keep up with almost any superior opponent, the guys always struggle against the weaker sides. Despite Jonker fielding the arguably most talented offensive midfield the squad has to offer (Takashi Usami, Boy Deul and Dale Jennings), the reserves failed to score a single goal. The guests from Frankfurt on the other hand struck twice, Marius Müller after an hour and Noyan Öz 15 minutes later sealed the deal to give FSV the first win after six losses in a row.

On Tuesday, a test match was played against VfR Garching, mainly to give the players who hardly get to play in the competitive matches some match practice. Bayern lost 0-1, the lone goal was a direct free kick converted by Garching midfielder Dennis Niebauer. Whether the match doesn’t matter or the result is very alarming is your decision.

So now, this Sunday, it’s time for the next league match away from home (the Bayern reserves are interestingly enough better away than they are in Munich). Again it’s Frankfurt but, as I mentioned before, this time the undoubtably more famous and successful club Eintracht. What counts for the first team is just as relevant for the second string, Eintracht II are fourth in the league, albeit the promotion dreams were shattered by four losses in the last six matches. Their key player is one of the league’s top scorers, striker Elia Soriano (fun fact: his brother, Roberto, plays for famous Sampdoria and already scored two goals for Italy’s under-21 NT). They won the first leg in Munich 2-1, a late Usami goal wasn’t enough since the aforementioned Soriano and Dima Nazarov scored a goal each in the first half.

For Bayern, the first league match since announcing that Tobias Schweinsteiger will join the club next season will most likely be played without Emre Can who, as far as I know (and it’s unfortunately not very easy to find information), is still injured. The good news is that both Takashi Usami and Nils Petersen are expected to start, the latter should add some firepower that’s very much needed if they want to keep rival 1860 at distance with the derby that’ll take place in ten days in mind. Striker Manuel Fischer was booked for the fifth time this season against FSV and thus won’t be available on Sunday, although the addition of Petersen certainly minimizes that loss. The biggest lineup questions are the goalkeeper, right-back and central midfield positions. At right-back, the usual regular Max Dombrowka was replaced by Daniel Steimel last week (and, to be honest, I have no clue why, let’s hope not because of an injury), and the central midfielder playing alongside Sebastian Dreier could be, assuming that Can is out, Antonio Pangallo who started against Alzenau and replaced Rico Strieder, another potential option, early in the second half against FSV. In goal, Maximilian Riedmüller was benched last week, Andries Jonker decided in favor of Rouven Sattelmaier. Will that change be undone again after just one match? Here are potential lineups:

Sattelmaier (Riedmüller)

Dombrowka (Steimel) – Köz – van der Meulen – Vrzogic

Dreier – Pangallo (Strieder)

Usami – Deul – Jennings




Wolfert (Ernst) – Alikhil – Nazarov – Alvarez


Jung – Cimen – di Gregorio – Schaaf


Kickoff this Sunday at 2pm local time (90 minutes earlier than the usual BL time), as usual you can check the Club Nr 12 Twitter account for live updates.


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