Red Robbery Moves

The blog will soon cease to exist (the main domain expires in a few days). If you are still interested in reading my articles, make sure to visit rekordmeister regularly. I joined the site you should already know to make the life of you readers easier. Together with the other members of said site we can provide you with news, articles, opinions, pictures and all things Bayern, all on one website. Furthermore, you can still follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (links to the right), the latter two will continue to exist as feeds for my articles. So, basically, the only things that change are the URL, the design and the quantity of entries (a lot higher). Rekordmeister is more than the usual text-based blog, the articles are still there but you can also find tons of pictures, gifs, videos and news of your favorites. If you, for whatever reason, are not interested in these things, I once again remind you that my social network accounts still exist, there (aside from Twitter) you will only find links to the stuff I write.
To finish this, I wanna thank every person who visited the site regularly. It’s been more or less exactly 1.5 years, during that time the number of visitors and I hope also the quality of my writing improved significantly. Considering that I received several loose offers for sponsoring (which I rejected for a number of reasons, the future of this blog being one of them), the job we’ve done here surely wasn’t that horrible. Of course things could’ve been handled a lot better, I especially wasn’t always happy with the quantity of entries (which is why I added two more writers half a year ago, one of those is a co-founder of Rekordmeister, by the way). I thank you for giving me a chance, for being interested in my stuff, for commenting. Please follow me to the already great Rekordmeister, the worst thing that can happen is that you don’t like it and continue to only read my stuff.

Thank you.

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1 Response to Red Robbery Moves

  1. AFCB says:

    It was a pleasure reading!

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