Squad incomplete

Position Name Country Date Of Birth
DF Bauer, Hans GER 28/7/27
DF Faltermeier, Hans GER 18/10/32
DF Knauer, Willi GER 5/10/30
DF Manthey, Siegfried GER 10/2/32
MF Grosser, Peter GER 28/9/38
MF Landerer, Ludwig GER 31/5/37
MF Lettl, Heinz GER 14/1/33
MF Mayer, Thomas GER 13/5/27
MF Sencar, Bozidar CRO 28/9/27
ST Hahn, Erich GER 27/5/37
ST Huber, Werner GER 3/7/34
ST Jobst, Rudolf GER 4/3/35
ST Velhorn, Peter GER 24/11/32
Coach Hahn, Willibald AUT 31/1/10

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