Champions League Semifinal Preview: Real Madrid v Bayern

One step away. One very, very big step. Bayern travel to Madrid aware of the fact that even a draw would be enough to be a part of the final, knowing that even a draw will be horribly difficult to reach. Whether it can be done remains uncertain, what’s sure is that every player will give it everything and, barring a complete disaster, return to Munich with the head held high.

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Bundesliga Week 32 Recap: Bremen v Bayern 1-2

Football is a game of errors. All analysis of football is in fact the analysis of tiny errors, and it is for this reason the events of Saturday, April 21st of 2012 cannot be analyzed. FC Bayern’s journey to Bremen on that date was perhaps the closest I have ever come to observing that unattainable phenomenon that is perfection. This is a match that cannot be analyzed, for it existed no longer than those 90 minutes on that warm spring day in Bremen. Ah, time, you cheeky blighter.

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Bundesliga Week 32 Preview: Bremen v Bayern

Erm…yeah…football. Bundesliga. Kinda unimportant these days but we have to. Bayern will travel to Bremen where Werder, who are still fighting for Europa League qualification, are waiting for a battle of the substitutes.

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Champions League Semifinal Recap: Bayern v Real Madrid 2-1

For the first time in my life, I was privy to witness a match finish before it had yet to begin. Without a kick of the ball, the press had examined this match, dissected the contents, scratched their chins knowingly, wrote up a few sentences elegant as Mats Hummels’ hair, and closed the book on FC Bayern’s Champions League campaign. A tired and dejected German rekordmeister, led by the incompetent Holger Badstuber, capitulated to Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid last night at the Allianz Arena, drawing the curtains, shutting the blinds, and closing the curtains on their season. Unfortunately, I watched this game on a dodgy internet stream in an ivory tower on the west coast of Canada, and reception isn’t spectacular here, so I didn’t see that game. Instead, I saw this game.

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Champions League Semifinal Preview: Bayern v Real Madrid

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Bundesliga Week 31 Recap: Bayern v Mainz 0-0

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Regionallliga Week 29 Preview: Bayern v Hoffenheim II

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